Would you say no to these sweets? - me either. This dessert shop, Sweet Moment is located in the heart of NYC's Little Italy and Soho and will satisfy your sweet tooth in no time. This was my first time going and I must say, their Creamart "lattes" look adorable and taste just as amazing. In fact, these aren't lattes (photographed above), the base of it is either milk tea or coffee, depending on what you prefer. These special drinks come in 5 flavors: Choco, Matcha, Red Velvet, Taro, and Thai. I'll have one in every color, please. Well not quite but maybe next time ;) If these drinks are not your cup of tea or coffee (see what I did there?), they also have waffle dishes, cakes, and shaved ice. Need I say more? Check out their Instagram if you don't believe me!

Do you have a go-to dessert? If so, what is it? Mine is usually anything with caramel or maybe mochi.