Today, I rounded up my favorite products this season. Some of them I’ve been using for a year and others are brand new that I’ve recently discovered.

Whether you need to prep your skin with some hydration or set it after make-up. This multi-purpose spray is a great addition for the gym or traveling to your next destination. I love using this on the airplane or in the tropical heat.

I recently discovered this tiny eye shadow palette on my way to Long Island as I was passing Walgreens. I love how travel-friendly it is and each palette is very pigmented. My two favorites are Original (neutrals and taupes) and Enigma (pinks and purples). I also like the idea that I can actually finish an eyeshadow palette since it is so small.

This might be the product that is making my hair grow like crazy. No matter the older I get, I can’t seem to like pills that you have to swallow but these gummy-like vitamins really make it feel like you are eating fruit snacks. This blend of vitamins A, C, D, E, Bs, biotin and folic acid makes taking my vitamins every day easier.

A $5 concealer that won’t disappoint. Highly pigmented and very similar to higher end products on the market. I bought Light Beige since I like my under eyes to be one to two shades lighter than my skin tone. Available in 18 shades.

A 2-in-1 liner to shadow that is easy to apply and blend out. My favorite color is Instafamous and I like to blend it out with my fingers to create a soft shimmery look. Also a great way to create unique eyeliner looks.

Do you guys like this type of content? I love sharing my favorite products whenever I discover something I really enjoy. Comment below your favorite products?