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February and March are the worst months for my dry, coarse hair. The combination of the dry air and all the dry shampoo build-up that I use every single day ends up with me having an itchy scalp. We all focus on the care of our face, body, and hair but what about our scalp? Keeping scrolling to see how I combat my itchy scalp during the harsh winter months.

When my scalp is feeling extra dry, I first use an exfoliator in the shower just like you would use one for your face. The Kristin Ess Scalp Sugar Scrub one helps removes flakes, product build-up, and excess sebum. The texture can be quite thick but the pointy tip helps you place the product right where you want it. I give myself a quick head massage and then wash it all out. After, I use a micellar shampoo to gentle and effectively remove any flaking. We hear about Michelle water for our face but what about our hair? Another great shampoo is the Briogeo Scalp Revival. The cooling sensation makes my scalp feel soooo good. Follow up with your favorite conditioner or hair mask to seal everything in (see my favorite hair products here). Finish your hair with some hair oil for your scalp or apply to your ends. Only apply 1-2 drops to avoid greasy roots. This is a great pick me up on second to third-day hair when your scalp needs a little extra something.