90’s hair clips are back, ALRIGHT! Hair clips might be the easiest and least expensive thing to add to your every day hairstyle. Whether your hair is short, long, or in a pony tail, hair clips add a playful moment to your look. See below how I style hair clips in my every day life!


Layer your minimal hair clips one on top of the other like my picture above to create a linear look. Another way is to criss cross them into an X to create shapes in your hair. You can mix and match different metals (like these) or wear them as a pair.


This is how you make a hair statement: wear your words across your hair. Make your own custom barrettes like how I did with my name. Maybe a phrase or two? You might have seen these barrettes all over Instagram. These are definitely topic starters.


These might just be my favorite out of all of them! I love wearing them with a simple look like jeans and a white tee. Add a moon and a cluster of stars to you hair to create a starry night (like these) for a special occasion.