We’ve all been there where we want to dress cute but we dread the moment when we step outside and the sweat starts to trickle down. EVERYWHERE. Less isn’t always more when getting dressed this summer but in fact, being smart about the fabrics you wear during the hotter months is key.

Although I hardly ever sweat (even in the gym), I get overheated very easily. I do not do well in hot climates especially anything above 85 degrees. I start to feel lethargic and I lose focus very easily. Even though we can’t avoid sweating this summer, we can at least dress the part. Find out the best clothes to wear in the hot humid weather!


Wear Cotton

Cotton is the #1 fabric that I love to wear all year long but especially during the summer time. Pact makes amazing clothing essentials that are GOTS-Certified 100% organic cotton. Some of my favorite styles are the Lounge Tee and the Tie Back Tank (shown in photo). They also have apparel for men and kids so everyone can stay cool for the summer.

Fabrics that are breathable will allow air circulation to flow. Stay away from synthetic fabrics as much as possible since they tend to trap moisture and create unpleasant odors. The most common synthetic fabrics are polyester, nylon, acrylic, and rayon. Swap your clothes for linen, tencel, hemp, chambray, and of course, cotton.


Go Light

As a New Yorker, we always wear black, no matter the occasion. Although it hides pit stains, it absorbs the sun rays instead of reflecting them. Instead, opt for summer whites or fun prints like stripes. If white is too risky for you, pastels are a great way to add color to your wardrobe while staying in the light color family.


Footwear Game

Who’s feet start to swell up because of the heat? Whether you live in dry heat or humid heat, your whole body will react to an increase in temperature. I love open-toed shoes since they let your toes breathe but also gives your feet room to expand a little. Plus, if your feet tend to smell, sandals allow your puppies to release the odor, freely. Canvas shoes are another great option if you cannot wear open-toed (on SALE, exact here).


Crop It Like It’s Hot

If you don’t mind showing a little skin, crop tops are the way to go. Pair them with your favorite high-waisted shorts (exact here) and you will stay as cool as possible without being naked. Some of my favorite crop tops are t-shirts since they are breathable and not too tight around the body. Another option is to wear a bikini top instead of a regular crop top. That way if you sweat (which you will), the bikini is better at absorbing the extra moisture.

So now you know the best clothes to wear in hot humid weather. Make sure to consider fabrics, color, and silhouettes that fall away from the body. There’s no excuse to not dress properly this summer. Comment below your go-to, sweat-proof summer look!